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Sustainability at PDG

We at PDG believe in creating a sustainable digital future and are committed to having all of our data centers powered by renewable energy by 2030.

Though PDG is in the early stages of its sustainability journey, we believe our efforts  will contribute to mitigating the energy use driven by digitalization and the internet economy.

Download our Sustainability Report 2021 to learn how we are taking steps toward being an important part of the industry’s efforts in sustainability.

Sustainability Report 2021

A sustainable way forward with digital growth.

Sustainability Report 2022

A sustainable way forward with digital growth.

PDG's Key Highlights

PDG’s Key Highlights



- Increase renewable/ low carbon energy procurement
- Green-first: Renewable power availability as a key criteria in site selection
- Replacing conventional power with renewable at existing sites
- Sourcing RECs and carbon offsets

Green Design and Construction

- Incorporate sustainability to all stages of DC life cycle starting with design
- New DCs to have design PUE between 1.2-1.4
- All greenfield DCs to apply for green certificates
- Focus on building facilities towards global standards of energy efficient building codes such as BREEAM and LEED

Energy and Resource Efficiency

- Build and operate at low PUE & WUE and adopt leading standards for energy and resource efficiency
- Continuously upgrading operations to optimize PUE & WUE

Technology and Innovation

- Adopt cutting edge tools and technologies in cooling, monitoring and operations
- Focus on technologies that can improve our operational performance
- Working with strategic vendors to design, implement and operate new technologies such as cooling, UPS, control systems

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