The PDG Proposition

Pan-Asia Presence

PDG’s strategic presence in six of Asia’s fastest-growing digital economies powers the growth of cloud and AI in these dynamic markets and across the broader APAC region. With 21 data centers in 15 cities across 6 countries and counting, we unleash the growth potential of global hyperscalers and enterprises.

Multi-Country Presence

We cater to hyperscale and cloud customers across six major business and digital economies in Asia: Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. We provide localized solutions tailored to each market’s unique needs and regulatory requirements while adhering to the highest global standards.

Strategic Power Advantage

We have a forward-leaning approach to ensuring reliable, scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective power supply through strategic alliances with leading utilities and renewable energy providers in all markets.

Global-Local Expertise

Our seasoned platform and in-country leadership teams combine deep local knowledge with global expertise to deliver exceptional customer value.

Hyperscale AI-Ready Infrastructure

PDG delivers sustainable, scalable, and AI-ready infrastructure tailored to the world’s largest cloud and AI companies.


We take a “green first” approach in our site selection process to anchor large-scale campuses with access to clean energy solutions. Our energy efficient designs support cutting edge cooling technologies including liquid cooling and practices to reduce our carbon footprint.


We have a strong track record of delivering large-scale data center campuses with a secured roadmap for future growth through our differentiated investment strategy. Our campuses are strategically located to meet the requirements of cloud regions, availability zones, and AI.


Our greenfield hyperscale data centers integrate design approaches that support high rack densities and advanced cooling solutions, aligning with the energy transition demands of high-performance hardware for AI training and inference.

Delivery Excellence

PDG empowers customers to accelerate business outcomes by delivering digital infrastructure with unmatched speed, safety, and reliability.

Delivery Assurance

Our exceptional track record of execution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to consistent, high quality and on-time delivery.

Flexible Design

Our flexible design architecture meets diverse hyperscale needs, with the capability to accommodate advanced cooling for evolving rack densities, supporting traditional and AI workloads, and adapting to emerging infrastructure demands.


Safety is a cornerstone of PDG’s culture and project delivery. We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, partners, and customers.

Customer Centricity

PDG’s thorough understanding of customer needs and deep customer relationships enables delivery of a seamless, industry-leading experience in all markets.

Consistent Customer Experience

We maintain consistent service quality and standards across all countries, ensuring a ubiquitous customer experience and industry-leading SLAs.

Time to Market

Our local presence accelerates delivery, boosting customers’ business efficiency and market entry speed. We employ agile methodologies to adapt to market changes and customer demands quickly.

Flexible Business Models

We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to supporting our customers’ evolving needs. Our proactive expansion strategy anticipates our customers’ growth plans, ensuring timely access to reliable and cost-effective digital infrastructure.

Site Selection

We collaborate closely with each customer to understand their current and future colocation requirements. This partnership ensures we meet their unique business needs and facilitate scalability. We conduct thorough due diligence maintain regulatory compliance at all our sites and take a green first approach to deliver on our customers’ ESG goals.

  • Scalability Roadmap
  • Green First
  • Secured Power

Capacity Planning

We understand and anticipate the growth and expansion needs of hyperscalers. We closely align with their capacity planning teams to ensure capacity is available when and where required.

  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Commit to Roadmap
  • Adapt to fast-changing requirements

Infrastructure Deployment

At PDG, we excel in the management of complex projects. We help fast-track customers’ infrastructure deployment. Our seasoned professionals execute critical projects to ensure smooth delivery.

  • Efficient project management and deployment
  • Streamlined Vendor Management
  • High Quality Service Delivery

Focus on
Customer Success

At PDG, we cultivate a mindset of understanding and serving our customers’ needs. We provide services to assist with daily operational requirements, such as cabling and remote hands.

By integrating into our customers’ operations and business workflows, we ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience.