Reliable electricity supply and availability of major telecommunications providers

Two data center buildings offering a capacity of 48 MW

Easily accessible from major airports and railway stations

About The Facility

Situated on the west coast of India, Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of India. Mumbai is home to the 2 largest stock exchanges in India, BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). The city is well connected globally hosting more than half the submarine cable landing stations in India. As the demand for data center services continues to rise, PDG’s MU1 facility is well poised with reliable electricity supply and major telecommunications providers to support hyperscalers and enterprise customers looking to expand in India.

Easily accessible from major airports and railway stations, the MU1 facility is located within the well-planned IT/ITES campus at Navi Mumbai and offers a capacity of 48 MW for critical IT power. The project comprises of 2 data center buildings offering globally standardized, scalable and sustainable services to customers at home and abroad.

Facility Specs

Data Center Overview

  • Location: Airoli, Navi Mumbai
  • Latitude/Longitude: 19.172654, 72.992812
  • Total IT capacity: 48 MW
  • No of buildings: 2
  • Design PUE: <1.5
  • Carrier neutral facility with minimum of 3 fiber paths


  • Highly reliable 220 kV substation with diverse feeds from two independent utility substations
  • Distributed redundant/N+N UPS system
  • N+2 Redundancy for transformer and generators
  • Independent set of transformers and diesel generators for IT and mechanical load
  • UPS with 10 mins back up
  • 48 hours of onsite fuel back up


  • Quick start data center specific chillers with high operating temperatures and N+2 redundancy
  • Pumps with N+2 redundancy
  • Thermal energy storage for 300 secs
  • N+2 Redundancy in PAHU unit for each floor

Smoke Detection and Fire Suppression Systems

  • ASD in all critical data halls, utility rooms and shafts
  • Smoke detectors across all floors
  • Gas based suppression system for data halls and utility rooms
  • Each floor designed with redundant sets of gas suppression cylinders

Security & Access Control

  • 5 layers of physical security
  • Dedicated control room with 24×7 manned supervision
  • 90 days back-up for CCTV footage
  • N+N redundant IBMS architecture

Onsite Operational Support

  • Presence of remote hands service 24×7
  • Office space available
  • Secure storage and staging rooms available


  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 45001
  • Uptime Tier III

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